Помогите плииз написать счинение про браслет дружбы на АНглиском языке...

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Do not want to weave friendship bracelet - Baubles? Fenichka is a symbol of friendship and passed from one friend to another. Very funny and touching tradition) Weaving baubles is a special kind of weaving macrame. Baubles can be worn as a girl, and representatives of the stronger sex. Weaving knots once originated from the North American Indians, in their traditions, and by the way came to our times), Fenichka need to wear long until she breaks. Removal from the hands Baubles means that friendship ceased) and American hippies in general, exchanging Baubles, considered sworn brother. Baubles are completely different patterns, I suggest you just such a weave, with hearts)

You can use Fenichka simply as decoration. I wish you success in your work, and even to you Fenichka donated from each other, you do not ever filmed)

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